Post Half-Marathon Reflections

Attempted my 2nd Half-Marathon (Standard Chartered Half) yesterday morning. Some post race reflections & thoughts ……

1. Not overloading on carbonated drinks (H-2-O … 100Plus) as compared to last year …… no funny reactions from stomach as compared to post run 2008 BUT got headache (lack of salt as I did not finish up the bottle of 100Plus I got post run as not cold enough for my liking) …..

2. Did not do route check b4 the run …… thus not prepared for the nicoll highway/ECP stretch before going into Suntec/Beach Road (I thought it would follow the full marathon route, which is the flatter shenton way turn but I think they may have changed the route last min too!) ……. Decided to play it safe by walking through the up-sloping stretch (a bit too early to start walking) as versus to sprinting up and on hindsight, could have contributed to 5 min timing difference ……

3. And with regards to the route, same as last year, the last 2 km would stretch outside esplanade mall, down to the bridge before turning into Padang …… given the narrow barricaded esplanade drive + traffic jam = impossible to speed up (although I think the full marathoners will not have this problem as they are projected to finish later,in fact my colleague commented that last 1km was very fast) …. I would have preferred them to divert into esplanade, cut through the park and then head towards Padang ….. broader route and way easier to run!

4. Did not carbo-load enough …… should have taken more bread/pasta within the 12 -24 hour timeframe to the run proper …… Was craving for bannanas after the 12-13km mark (but they only give out for the full marathon) ……

5. Minimal runs done post GE-Run …… but I suppose the aerobic base from spin classes helped to some degree so still improved my timing despite walking more than expected ……. Moral of the Story: Keep Spinning!

6. Did a time check with the marshalls around the 14-15km markets and it was about 905am ….. so I have around 40-45 min to finish off the remaining 6-7km so felt comfortable BUT traffic jam at the last 2km (route joined together with full marathon + 10km ladies) meant plan/strategy to pace up to the finish was spoilt! Arghh! Would’ve pushed harder at the Kallang stretch if that was the case …….

7. Stones! Lots of them along nicoll highway … and at pit building …… was hitting stones more than hitting milege ……

8. More long training runs needed ……. note for 2010 training plan

9. The importance of a warm-down …… given that it is double of the usual 10km races in the calendar, recovery time is longer  ……. muddy field + crowd at finish line + kan cheong to collect baggage at the other end meant that I did not do warm-down …….

And paying the price for it today with a sharp pain on my left knee joint ……. But the funny thing is there was no sharp pain after run and after post run massage ….. strange-ness! So it must be the lack of warm-down and effect has kicked-in 1 day later 😦

So this means working from home today after resting for the rest of Sunday! Neglected work to catch up on + still have photography assignment due tmr …… hai …..

At the torturous nicoll highway/ECP stretch, I was cursing and swearing and would be thinking “OK, this would be the last time blah blah blah …. ” and yet at the end of the finishing line, it would be replaced by “Will be back next year to further improve timing” 😛

There’s a chance I might ‘graduate’ into doing the Full Marathon next year – that is if I can manage my time properly and stick to the training plan ….. Once in a lifetime goal to earn that Finisher’s tee-shirt 😀

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