My Thoughts On Photography – Part 1

Some of you might be aware that I have taken up a basic photography course lately (in December itself) ……

It is spread over 8 lessons (5 studio + 3 outdoors) …… its a tad intensive as the 8 lessons are conducted within December itself (works out to be 2 sessions per week) …… Some background information, this is meant to be a ‘crash’ course intake as the usual timetable is actually 8 lessons with one lesson per week  …….

Initially I thought it would be a good idea to do the December batch so as to get it over and done with, as well as to fulfill one of my key 2009 resolutions (to learn something new) and tick it off the list …….However, given the intensity of twice a week theory sessions, I come back tired and lethargic ….. and it doesnt help that assignments tend to be very rushed as a result of the timing (+ work commitments + lack of motivation – will touch on that later) …….. Thus on hindsight, maybe a once a week course would’ve suited my needs and schedule beter …….

But I suppose the theory lessons (4 sessions in total) give you a more much detailed insight on the many many many things that go into a photo – basic compositional rules, lens type .. aperture priority … which affects depth of field, shutter speeds, ISO choice, art of night photography etc. …… Sounds techinical right?  You can never imagine so many minute factors can go into one simple photograph!

Which is why photography is an art that needs to be acquired yah!

As I am currently using a digital camera – Fujifilm Finepix F100 fd (without a doubt it is a very good model, great recommendation from Sam of John 3:16) …. eventually I do intend to upgrade to a DSLR to take this hobby a bit further than just point and shoot (for the sake of point and shoot) ……..

Due to the lack of time (as well as other distractions, in fact this entry is back-dated), I shall continue my thoughts/reflections in Part 2 and beyond entries (so it becomes like a mini-journal on photography :P) …..

In the meantime, here are some links that I have compiled on photography.  As mentioned above, I intend to upgrade to DSLR at some point in time, below are more of links on the type of equipment/what should you be looking out for when deciding between compact/DSLR etc. ……. which in turn will lead on to Part 2 of my reflections.

Before You Get A DSLR Camera ……..

Buying A DSLR Is Buying A Camera System!

Your Handy Camera Guide


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