Happy 2010!

1st Entry For 2010 😀

Have been busy ‘playing’ hard going right into the new year, which partly explains the lack of blog entries (in addition to the usual distractions of drama serials, lazing, slacking, sleeping etc.) …… Generally the mood is a big contrast to the very down of Q4 2008 …….

3 parties in total – Christmas & New Year (Note: new year was a smaller and cosier gathering) meant that we ended 2009 with a BIG BANG and counted down 2010 in anticipation of greater and better things to come ……

Had photography field outing/trip yesterday (postponed from Dec) and this time round, I felt that I have learnt a lot more and gained more insights as compared to the previous Chinatown field trip b4 Christmas (I suppose the long break must have helped) ……. however it is precisely after yesterday’s outing that I felt that the current photos that I have shot are not good enough for the final assignment 😦 ……. With regards to photography reflections, I will write more in the upcoming part 2 series ……

The new year is also the time to set new resolutions and new goals for oneself ……. I have yet to get down to a full comprehensive list (but I already have the major ones at the back of my head) but first and foremost – New Year Clearing/Decluttering is in store! To break it down further, wadrobe clear-up is way overdue b4 I can buy new stuff 😛 …… And of course, papers, letters, statements to selve through and throw as well ……

I have yet to gym at all this week and it doesnt help that all my preferred instructors are away+ the distractions of gatherings/festive food/lazing/tv-ing all come into the picture ……. It doesnt help when I slept in once again + at the godly time of 344pm, my butt is still stuck to the computer whilst brain is trying to make up its mind whether to head to the gym for last gasp gym class/workout OR head out to Esplanade area for some last minute shooting …… Its a close call btw heading out to town or just staying back to clear stuff & prepare for new work week ……. Just checked the schedule, Christina is taking Combat tmr evening so there’s still tmr yeah *grin* + skipped lunch yesterday too 😛 …….

Shall end off this with some highlights of the festive season!

The start of all the festive binge-ing 😛 …. It was office/work/Synergy Christmas party @ Grande Vista ……. Forgot to take a picture of the Lager Beer Barrel though ………

Christmas Party @ Naumi Hotel ….. This is the bedroom portion of the luxury suite. Would love to go back there for a personal retreat soon!

Check out the intricate wall detailing …….

A party won’t be complete without booze! Booze Galore!!

Gorgeous city view overlooking the infinity pool!! The infinity pool is one of the key highlights of Naumi!!

And Christmas is not complete without Orchard Road light-up!


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