Effects of Blueberry Pie

Was feeling a bit weird in the body – slightly itchy throat again + body going hot & cold (and before that a freaking headachne to boot!) …..

Decided to walk one big round bugis and ended up at Miss Clarity Cafe and da-baoed blueberry pie home as I felt like having something sweet to compensate for the low energy level and slightly lousy mood for the past 2 days …..

So some post-bath dessert/snack i.e. Blueberry Pie + a dose of favourite drama serial brightened up my evening instataneouly 😛 ……  Enough to clear some miscelleneous work despite tweeting that no checking of emails after 10pm ……..

Between, Miss Clarity Cafe serves very affordable, value-for-money, mouth-watering western and slightly fusion fare …. a great place to check out, especially their lunch sets and tea break sets 🙂


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