Pefect Day Planning Syndrome ……

Had perfectly mapped/planned out friday with 2 back-to-back appointments (one abeilt tentative/to-be-confirmed) and to round off with a trial facial at 7pm ……

But …….

1st appointment (Review & Update) over lunch was pushed back 1 hour (client did not tell me he was stuck in a meeting) …… then 2nd appointment (to visit client post-surgery and do up claims) was off as client still experienced some discomfort at operated area …….. so ended up going back office to dump some stuff to lighten my bag before going back to Tanjong Pagar for the 1st scheduled appointment (and had to condense everything in 1 hour 15 min and after condensing every thing, have a ton of stuff to follow up on over the weekend) …….

Went back office after a quick late lunch @ Amoy (sinful Fried Kway Teow) …… damn tired and restless from all these to and fro ding-dong …. did up some miscelleanous work before heading for much awaited trial facial @ Wen Luxe Spa …….. upon reaching there, only to be told that because I was late, they will have to re-schedule me for another time (wah lau ….. then this should be told to me upon confirmation of appt right, and not after I spent 5 mins filling in form at the reception when originally I wanted to had dinner with my colleagues) …… Sounds dodgy right? Either you give the promotional price whole-heartedly and impress upon the 1st-time customer enough to get them to sign up with you – if not state the restrictions upfront …….

Anyway because of the pretty good reviews of the place + my skin does badly need a facial before CNY, and in view of the superb offer, will give them that ONE LAST CHANCE 😛 ……

And after that went to da-bao some claypot chicken rice from Clementi (but did not get the right stall I wanted i.e. the famous Lucky Chicken Rice) ….. and back home to a mediocre dinner & crashed for the rest of my Friday …….. Did plan to go back earlier to rest (as versus to working late) but it turned out different from what I expected ……. Guess this is what happens when the more you expect your perfect day to turn out perfect, something unexpected happens to change things around – what we call the Perfect Day Syndrome!!

Anyway no such luck today also, slept in (I know, guilty pleasure) after feeling so physically and mentally tired over the past week ….. and suffering from the slightly guilty feeling of not enough exercise this week as well (no run, no spin class, no bodycombat) …… Will continue spring-cleaning instead 😛 …….

On a lighter note, I have started watching Wish Upon A Star and finished all the 10 episodes within like 4-5 days (starting from last Saturday) ….. damn addictive! Shall keep my thoughts in another drama review ……

After blogging about my eventful/uneventful Friday/Saturday ……. time to pick up the phone to book for spin class 🙂


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