More Jpop Galore – Part 1 Ken Hirai

Meant to blog this sometime back …..

As mentioned previously, I have taken to listening to JPop …..and its a great accompaintment during office hours 🙂

I have always loved JPop for its creativity and diversity (as compared to Chinese Pop these days and even KPop these days infested with same-y looking and sounding boybands and girlbands) …… although the JPop scene is also suffering from piracy and declining sales, but I suppose a more mature digital market (Japan has itunes!) does make up for it somewhat ….. if only they open up itunes to the Chinese and South-East Asian markets as well …….

But anyway, to my main subject of the day – Ken Hirai san!!

An add-on to my video insert of Pop Star some time back …..

The very 1st single/song that I heard of his was Rakuen – very catchy and very R&B …… if you refer to his wikipedia, this was the single that gave him the breakthrough in his career (in terms of sales success that is, while Love Love Love is more in terms of musical style) ……

Anyway have been feeling a myraid of complex emotions lately, so upon repeated listens of Elergy, it really grows on you!!

Ken Hirai – Elegy 哀歌

Interesting, as mentioned in the same wikipedia entry, Elegy is written from the perspective of a woman. Hirai sounds deeper and richer (more complex) in emotion …. and what’s so amazing about the song is that right after the climax (love the electric guitar insert towards the end), the song ends right bang with that piano key!! Little wonder why critics call this the best song/single of his career 🙂

Another song that I enjoyed playing lately would be another older single – style! Unlike the soul/R&B-ish tunes/ballads that he is well-known for, this is something a lot more upbeat (the combo of strings + addition of syth at various parts of the song  makes it one great uplifting ride) …..

Ken Hirai – style

My favourite part of the song occurs around 2:44 … where Ken Hirai starts to sing again and again (with some syth effects in the background) …..

Break your style
You can break your own rule
You can break your style
You can break your everything

Damn fu**ing shiok leh! hehe …..

That’s all for now!! Part 2 to come soon ….

*Finally finished the entry b4 Zzzzz … wrote it halfway when client called and I packed up and left office – since it was a slow day in the office anyway*


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