‘Tiger’ Year Entry

1st and foremost, Happy ‘Tiger’ Year everyone! May the year be a prosperous and fruitful one for you all 🙂

The obligatory festive season greetings aside – in addition, festive season = excuse to slack (from work and gym, exercise routine), excuse to gorge/over-eat …… have some time here to share the below from a fellow financial blogger ……

The 7 Levels of Market Participants

In case you are wondering, talking about work-related matters during the festive season 😛 …. Anyway actually saw the article since last week but did not get a chance to blog until now (where I have some time before my relatives start coming in) …… As per se my experience as a practitioner, I would say majority fall into Level 1 and 2. Many would aspire to be level 4 and/or 6, but most likely end up in either Level 1 or 3 …….

Of course, do note that this is just a general article for reading pleasure so do not have to take it too literally! After all, given that we are celebrating New Year the 2nd time in 2 months (i.e Chinese New Year this time round), we still have another chance and 11 months more to get it right 🙂


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