Comfort Dinner @ Food For Thought

Freaking headachne earlier in the office (as a result of going through confusing policy documents) ….. thus desparate for a nice comforting dinner …..

So decided to truge down to Food For Thought for a  slightly different kind of dinner (as versus the usual rice or noodle staple)

Beef sandwich with a healthy dose of salad (Much needed greens!) ……. Sanwich is delish and does not feel jelat even with the huge dose of beef as the ingredients right down to the bread are very fresh ……… My dinner is rounded off by the free flow cold water offered ( in line with the eatery’s environmental preservation theme) ………. Very refreshing dinner indeed!

More on Food For Thought, the eatery/small little cafe was originally founded as a social enterprise, and of course with the quality of its food, this place definitely deserves our support 🙂 …. Can’t wait to try the rest of their stuffs (Pastas, Main Courses, Desserts) soon ….. Below are the various reviews :-




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