Twitter Spat Between ‘Gurus’

Saw this under MSN news and it is so erm …. WTH lor~!

Suze Orman vs. ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Guru: He Tweeted, She Tweeted

Personally, I am more inclined to go along with what the rest of the financial planners interviewed mentioned about ‘Suzie wants us to be smart’ (refer to page 1) …… putting in the basics first (cash flow, savings, risk management/protection, wealth accumulation) before talking ‘big’ i.e. building trading systems, property empire etc. ……

More importantly, I always believe that financial advise should be personalized to the individual’s specific needs and requirements and that there is never a one size fits all approach (which brings to mind banc-assurance sales and roadshows which volatile this very principle of ‘personalized advise’ as these channels very drawback is their one-size-fits-all product pushing technique) …..

Seriously, to each to their own, no need for twitter-flaming lah!

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