New Gadget – iPhone!

After more than 1/2 year of researching (started around the time contract ended last April) .. reading .. talking to people .. phone window seeing/shopping etc. ….. my choice of a new phone (over the next 2-3 years) narrowed down to ……….

Blackberry Storm 2 / Blackberry 9520 (as stated in M1’s ads)

Blackberry Bold 9700

iPhone 3GS

Yes people, I did initially say that I will not get an iPhone (due to some initial slight negativity towards the Apple brand) …… however when they decided to release it to M1 and Starhub as well, I forsaw a price war (and more competitive handset prices to follow) and so took a wait and see attitude and true enough, M1 and Starhub really threw the gradulet to Singtel (original ‘monopoly’) …… so what does it tell you? Competition is good πŸ˜€

The last round of selection (by then after M1 released the BB Storm 2 post CNY), I decided it was between BB Bold 9700 (better specs than Storm 2) and iPhone ….. but the overly small keypad of BB Bold lost out to the easier to use touch-screen based iPhone in the end πŸ™‚

Anyway as a result of price competition, it has become a norm in the office to own a iPhone (or a smartphone that is touch screen based) so like what we always say …. when in rome, do what romans do .. if you can’t quit em, join em ….. Thus endured a 1 hour wait @ M1 on Monday evening to get my hands on it πŸ˜› …..

So iPhone 3GS (White) …. here I come!

After waiting 1 more day for transfer of plan to take effect, silly me spent 1/2 hour in the morning trying to figure out how to insert SIM Card (forgot the instruction given by M1 staff on Monday) … in the end, called friend who told me to google the youtube video and then got a colleague to help me to open up the slot using paperclip …..

Next step is figuring out how to start sychronizing everything from old phone + sync outlook, calendar, d/l necessary applications etc. … Tried to come up with a draft blog entry whilst on MRT earlier, took very long just to type out 3 paragraphs so will blog strictly using laptop/desktop for now πŸ˜›

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