Its really ridiculous especially when you have taken lunch only 3 hours ago (at 2pm that is) and now I am hungry again!

I wonder is it because of the cold weather or my messy state of mind (or a simpler & more convenient reason – PMS!) that I am feeling this way …..

And Apple has yet to finish the re-verification of my itunes account …. so I still can d/l applications to my phone ….. duhz

And I was supposed to clear my bag yesterday but just simply did not do it in the end ….. Shall do some serious decluttering of my papers later before I leave office ………

I am wondering if it is the lack of exercise endorphins + not sleeping well last night + a ‘bad’ news this morning that is adding on to my messy and disorganised state of mind (in addition to that, messy bag + messy table as well) 😦 ……

All these added up is ridiculous enough to warrant a single entry on its own as versus to a tweet via twitter 😛 ….


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