Making Mistakes & Learning From Them

Squeezing an entry admist doing an important email follow-up 😛

Saw an email from my colleague/project team mate earlier with regards to a project lead that was not successfully closed/secured due to a myraid of reasons that Iwould not elaborate here …… In addition, I have also lost a case (for my case, it was a combination of other people, own oversight etc.) and another colleague has also lost a case …….

The main point of me writing and documenting the above is to share some of my personal thoughts and reflections on making mistakes. Seriously, what is the big deal of making mistakes? Once a mistake is made, it really is done for. There is not much purpose saying “I should have done this” …. “I should not have done this” .. Based on personal experiences, a much better way of dealing with it is to say “Yes, I made a mistake. Let’s learn from this experience and move on.” .. Can’t comment on others but at the very minimum, admission makes me more accountable to myself. Being able to recognize my mistake allows me to move on quickly without dwelling on it for too long so as be able to do better the next time round 🙂

Surely beats being in denial mode and getting all defensive, resulting in un-needed emotional baggage and stress  just for the sake of saving face right .. See a mistake as an opportunity to learn and improve, and in the words of a valued colleague – do not be afraid to make them even!


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