Lee Min Ho Is Back!!!!

Doing some surfing on my iPhone and upon reading Dramabeans update, I just realized that his post BOF comeback drama – Personal Taste .. would start airing in Korea next Wed .. Woohoo!

The anticipation probably comes from the fact that he has done nil dramas ever since the Boys Over Flowers (BOF) mania and phenom …… He did visit Singapore 2 times though, once for Etude House promo (good foresight not to go as expected, Plaza Singapura nearly exploded from the crowd). 2nd time round, I decided not to pay to go to his fan meeting after all, probably not a bad decision considering the post event reviews and how over-priced it was ……

That aside, I suppose a lot of anticipation comes from the fact that this follow-up drama will decide whether he is here to stay as a real actor/thespian or just a one-trick pony (of course I do think he has the charisma and potential to fulfill the former expectation :P)…… And for followers of Dramabeans’ blog/korean entertainment/korean drama updates, you may have noted that Javabeans has posted some preview of the original source novel/story ….. Took a brief read and I must say the premise and storyline sounds promising 🙂

Finally another relaxing and romantic k-drama comedy to ‘chase’ ….. have been experiencing a slight drama lull ever since “Wish Upon A Star/Stars Falling From The Sky” ended its run in Korea about 2 weeks ago ……


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