Unfulfilled Resolutions = Dreams & Aspirations To Work Towards ……

As most of you guys may know, I have made 2 trips to Hong Kong in 3 years (ranging from 2007 – 2009) ….. In addition, I have also been guilty of not completing my travel blogs/entries since since I only covered Day 1 – Day 3 😛 …….

The amazing thing is …. even after going to the same place twice, you realise that there are still sights you have yet to see, places you have yet to go, things you have yet to do …….

Like this place – agnes b. le pain grille (restaurant) !!!!

OK, based on my last blogged entry on Hong Kong – Day 3, the place we went was the the Agnes B Cafe @ World Trade Centre (in Causeway Bay vicinity) …… Here’s are some pictures to recap 😛

Recently I found out that there is yet another Agnes B Restaurant @ Leighton Road (which is also in the Causeway Bay vicinity, and based on this google map, further down Lee Theatre Plaza) which serves French cuisine Agnes B style ….. it didn’t occur to me that there is BOTH Cafe and Restaurant concept and we missed out on the restaurant ……

If you click on the website link, plus refer to internet reviews like this,  you would have noticed the Paris-style decor ….. put it this way, as there is no agnes b cafe/restaurant in Singapore, it is definitely worth it to check it out whilst in Hong Kong ….. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to savour authentic french cuisine in nice Paris-like settings, without having to pay $1000+ to fly to Paris 😀

So I suppose it is unfulfilled resolutions/things-that-you-have-yet-to-do/places-that-you-have-yet-to-visit etc.  that give me the impetus to want to make yet another trip back to Hong Kong? Despite plans in mind for this year ….. will seriously consider another Hong Kong Trip again – to check out Agnes B + Do some serious travel photography (another aspiration/resolution/goal/dream that I hope to acheive as well)  …………

Time to seriously start applying the law of attraction …… there is no time to waste 🙂


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