The LOW-down On The 987fm Controversy

Catching up on the RIS LOW drama after a tough day (you’ll know what I mean if you log on to my twitter) …..

Seriously, if this is not shameless, buey hiao bai …. I honestly don’t know what other BOOMZ or SHINGZ words/vocabulary that we can use to describe Ris Low’s latest radio stint that is currently the talk of the town (yes, we even discuss this during jogging warm-down :P) ….. For a person to be this attention-seeking and ‘shameless’ (read her blog and guarantee you will puke as her writing is even worse than Xiaxue), her skin is definitely beyond thick !!


I 200% agree with this letter writer here – A Move Most Risk-y

A move most Ris-ky

What message is 987FM’s new hire sending to teens?

Letter from Pauline Ooi
10:30 PM Mar 31, 2010

// I REFER to Christopher Loh’s Point Of View, “Ris Low on radio – what gives?” (March 30).

Does 987FM need to resort to sensationalism to drum up ratings and attract listeners? Why hire Ris Low – who’s committed credit card fraud, lied to pageant organisers, and coined ridiculous terms such as “Boomz” and “Shingz” to be the third wheel on the daily Shan & Rozz Show, now rebadged as the Shan, Rozz & Ris Show? Senior creative director of 987FM, Georgina Chang, says the reason behind the hire was because “she seems to evoke a very strong reaction from Singaporeans”. So, for the sake of ratings, of hype, 987FM is willing to throw away good taste, proper English and common sense?Ris has promptly proved what most of us have already thought of her: That she is a lazy, irresponsible, rude, disrespectful individual with less-than-desirable English. She arrived to work on her first day two hours late and was rude to her fellow DJ Rosalind Lee. It’s no wonder DJ Rozz left the show in a huff on Ris’ second day, after Ris insisted on leaving the show early. By hiring Ris Low to create hype, 987FM has effectively insulted the quality and hard work of all its other DJs. What kind of message are we sending to the young teens listening?Singapore prides itself for being a meritocracy that values hard work, honesty, respect and responsibility – values which are all antithetical to Ris Low. 987FM must reconsider its decision to hire Ris Low.


To put it plainly, it is a 互向利用 relationship … but to have such BOOMZ and SHINGZ people on national radio simply destroys the credibility of 987fm as a national radio station (although I don’t listen to 987fm anymore) …… duhz

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