All In All, Not A Bad Week ……

Except for the crazily hot weather that is 😦

Had the benefit of attending a almost-full day (7 hours in total) course on sales and advisory mastery in the early part of the week .. And enjoyed myself tremendously .. Makes me inspired to re-read this book again ( but not before completing the other one that is still lying in my bag) ..

On an another note, planned appointments went smoothly bar one .. prospect flew my aeroplane (a case of accidental oversight + lack of consciousness of behavior or just not very responsible?) …… To sum it up, I feel that the young upstarts (people who have just graduated and come into the workforce) today have lots to learn when it comes to keeping time, keeping appointments and keeping to their words! (Btw the same also applies to me and you as well *wink*) ……

Anyway the purpose of mentioning minor spoilers like above is purely more for ventilating out and to make my thoughts know out-loud  ….. not much purpose engaging in pity-parties (waste of time and very destructive for morale and on the mind) and letting unhappy/less-than-satisfactory incidents affect our momentum ……

Wanted to call that fella back on Saturday to reschedule appt but on 2nd thought, still a tad peeved so I will hold off the call till the next weekend instead …….

Anyway thanks to the same person (and crazy rain and grey skies on Friday afternoon), I finally got the opportunity to check out White Tangerine Cafe @ Paya Lebar Kovan CC ……Had a set meal – White Tangerine Signature Pasta with Soup and Coffee (plus complimentary free iced water from lady boss as air-con broke down and was so stuffy) for $6!!! Really value for money!! Would’ve tried the desserts but because my workouts have decreased, thus avoiding sweet stuffs 😛 ……. Will highly recommend this place as it is truly a hidden heartlands gem – value for money, decent fare, not-too-bad service, homely cosy atmosphere with wifi that doesn’t get cut off 🙂

Spinned on Saturday (3rd Saturday class in a row as versus to regular Sunday class) in view of Qing Ming (parternal side) on Sunday …… So inversely, I have not been going for my usual Sunday spin class (and also my massages – last one was in March) in view of F1 tv schedule and qing ming yesterday …… Noted one cycle with Saturday spinning @ Raffles gym – lousy, cranky bikes for the last 2 weeks (but spanking new spinning bikes replaced the old ones earlier in the week, finally!) ….. long search for food/late lunch around Raffles area in Singapore’s crazily hot weather (boo!) …… Comes home tired and shacked out more from 34 deg weather rather than spin itself, and it doesn’t help that insanely hot weather tireds me out, and makes me restless, and thus the rest of Saturday goes to waste (mainly on the telly/laptop watching some drama/movie) =( …….

No such problems with Sunday class that is in late afternoon (530pm) and ends early evening …… less crowded public transport (MRT) on Sundays as compared to Sat …… flexible option to eat at Orchard (that is usually the case if I intend to do some window shopping and not rush back home), if not back home, dinner and early rest …… To a certain extent, the significance of a Sunday spin is that it is an excellent way to end off the whole week (before the start of a new one) and I have 1 day rest before Tues Combat / Run combo again …… speaking of Tuesdays, I have been guilty of not doing the planned Combat/Run combo *tsk tsk* and it is very un-settling to feel the effects of missing this combo workout in the form of some extra pounds and flesh …….

So I suppose my immediate objective is to revert back to Sunday spin and resume Tues Combat/Run (this combo seems to work best for me!) …… Fingers crossed ……

That’s all I can squeeze in before I start drowning in a sea of papers ……..


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