Awww ……

On a lighter note for a Monday evening, after all that intensive tweeting earlier in the office ……

One of my favourite drool-worthy hunky actors has just taken himself off the market *sob sob*

An african wedding is indeed rather unconvential / 另类 so as to speak ……

You can also access Daniel Wu’s public blog here …… I browsed through some of the entries earlier (not sorely because he is hunky dory) but seriously, he writes and articulates well and blogs that like are always a pleasure to read 🙂 …… unlike some  attention-seeking, publicity-hungry wannabe(s) whose surname happens to start with a letter L 😛 ……

Anyway back to case file …. Shall settle my recommendations and get it over and done with(instead of leaving it hanging) …… Keeping fingers crossed that it will lead me to the result I want 🙂


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