Law of Reciprocity

I confess …… I have been very bitchy on my twitter these days …….

Now that the time of the month is over …… a good time to sit down and write/blog/reflect before I officially retire for the night …… blogging/writing is probably a very theraputic activity for me 🙂

In response to my bitching/complaining about rude, haphazard, moody people over twitter (+ after tweeting that magic 3 words, add full of excuses and slow to the list please) …… I suppose one major facet of our lives is on Law of Reciprocity.

As googled here and here , Law of Reciprocity means to give and take mutually. In simpler terms, do unto others as you would have others do onto you.

My thoughts on this, hmmmmm …… An extension to the example quoted above, I believe that if you want people to be nice to you .. you ought to be nice (or rather decent) to others 1st. Who in the right mind will want to be nice to a person who is rude, moody, self-absorbed, insolent etc… As much as you want to keep your cool, let’s face it, we are only human .. You will probably feel angry, pissed, peeved, annoyed, irritated with such people .. And you can’t wait to march up to them, scream/scold them right into their faces, shake them to their senses and so forth ….

The realities of life is such that in many day-to-day situations, there is a lot more at stake that prevents us from doing the above to our hearts content …. The crux here is that does someone’s bad behavior justifies you putting on equally bad behavior so as to prove your point / get your back at this person …… Always remember that the things you say and do IS a reflection on YOU as a person ……

I believe I may have shared with some of you before on a client who was very rude to me due to a unsucessful claim .. I just want to say that as much as he/she is inclined to be unhappy about the situation, end of the day the words and actions used reflect on him/her as a person, and not on me and the insurance company for that matter …… Just for the record, when doing up the claim, said person ended SMS with a thanks. And when he/she was upset, the response I got was a bang on the phone!

So does it mean that I have every right to show said person attitude and be rude as well? 1st, being in a service line, this is a major NO-NO! 2ndly, a decent human being with some self-respect will not do things like this! Worse comes to worst, relegating this person to the bottom 10% of your client list will be a far more effective solution than tearing their hair out in response to their ‘bad’ behaviour ……Easier said than done, I fully agree as humans are creatures of feelings. It takes a lot of self-awareness to be bigger and rise above all these BS ……

I recall blogging about attending a full day course a few weeks ago and one of the principles taught was on the law of reciprocity (trainer termed it as Principle of Reciprocity though). I believe in being nice and helpful with my expertise (as much as possible).  And so when someone tries to be nice to you or tries to help you to get what you want, there is no need to snap at that person just because you think that customer is always right …… Just as you chose your advisers, do not forget that your adviser will also choose their top 20% of clients. A large determining factor for these top 20% is the law of reciprocity …… This is not about being caculative or demanding or what-so-ever, BUT people who are nice to you, and supportive of your business are the very ones who deserve to be in this top 20% VIP list, and I am very bit as motivated to take care of them well 🙂

And of course having stated the above expectation, it still doesn’t give me the right to change face and be rude to people who have been *ahem* rude/curt/unkind to me ……. I will always remember that ……

NOTE: Entry finally completed on Monday 26th April 1825hrs …. a couple hrs after having to bear the brunt from another rude idiot!


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