Some Old Skool Canto-Pop

Its time to dust off some cobwebs here as I have been blogging more at my other financial blog …… I’m not exactly suffering from blogger’s block …… on the contary, I have a lot of stuff that I would love to share (literally bustling with thoughts) but as I tweeted a couple of days ago, it is all a matter of composing my thoughts and putting it down on blog proper ……

To start things off …… Have been more into old skool canto-pop these days …… thanks to the advent of youtube …..

This song is what I would call cheesy and old-skool (2001 is a bit old in today’s terms) but it is currently one of fav songs to play on my lappie/mp3 player and I have set it as a ringtone as well 😀

VRF – Why Didn’t You

A tiny bit of trivia here for you …..Miriam Yeung’s husband was part of this boyband (b4 they disbanded) but that is not the point 😛 …… Compared to many of the boybands these days in the HK CantoPop scene (and Taiwan and Korea for the matter too), I think that they can really sing so I suppose the lack of a distinctive marketing is their ‘downfall’ aka reason for their disbandment ……

Anyway enjoy!


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