The Words You Say & Use Do Matter!

Why does it matter?

A simple example here to illustrate :

“He has learned his lesson.”

“He has learned from this experience.”

Referring to the 1st sentence, the words “learned his lesson” has a somewhat negative conotation to it …… it sounds like that person has done something bad/wrong. Whereas when we say “learned from this experience” …… it has a more positive ring to it, in that we are wiser after going through said incident and going foward, know what to do and what NOT to do ……

And the thing is these were actual words being mentioned by involved parties pertaining to a particular situation (that is too sensitive to be blogged out) ……  And truth is, I did not like it very much when that person commented to the tune of “learned his lesson” because it exactly sounds like he/she has done something wrong/made a mistake where in actual truth, that particular situation concerned is much more complex than a clear right or wrong …… Strong words like this are simply too judgemental!

Speaking of which, I was also told not to use the word ‘karma’ …… As pointed out by a colleague who is a christian, it has a negative conotation to it as well ….. Not trying to defend myself but interestingly, when I googled the word ‘Karma” …. it has varying meanings depending on the context you are referring to (Buddhism, Western intepretation etc.) ….. Well, IMO (in my opinon), if Karma sounds bad, retribution sounds even worse because it sounds like you are cursing someone!!!

So the choice of words you use do matter as it affects perceptions and influences the way people see a situation/incident/a person ……

P/S: A note here. I actually tried to finish this entry using via wordpress apps on my iphone but ithile waiting for my dinner but was not saved properly …… well ……


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