Some Chilling Facts

Life is not all rosy and yes …. for all the things we do to motivate ourselves, such harsh realities still happen as documented by a prominent financial blogger ……

Silent Pain From An Insurance Agent

You can read it all from the above link …… whatever criticsms, comments one can make about the business structure, remuneration structure, tied agents, IFA, banks etc. ….. End of the day, a win-win comes from 1.Ourselves – only we ourselves can ensure that we work with professionalism and integrity,and be an anchor for our clients ….. 2. Client/general public – they have to work in hand in hand with their appointed advisers for the whole relationship to work and not condone such practices as documented in the link above (more specific examples will include product shopping approach, treating yr adviser rudely etc.) ……

You can complain, bitch, whine, wail, or whatever ….. at the end of the day, for things to change …. and for change to happen, it MUST come from ourselves 1st ……

And I’m now hungry after blogging this 😛


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