Friday Entry …..

A supposedly ‘slow’ Friday afternoon that has passed by in a whirl …..

Havent been feeling too good on the physical front that is …… developed a sore throat (1st sympton of flu …. arghhh) last week and after lots of chinese medication and teas to kill it off …… flu and blocked nose have to come back and haunt me on Wednesday ……combination of not enough sleep and sleeping with wet hair (that caused a chill), sigh …… so have been gym-less for the past 1 week as well ……

Just got a referral request from an ex-colleague and well, as much as the business booked in will be welcome, it was probably a good thing that the deal did not go ahead on my side (myself and banker) …… little wonder why fellow colleagues and seniors always say being the type of person you are, you will tend to attract clients of similar behaviour …… so all I would say is that it was a good thing that deal is not going ahead as this means minimal wastage of time and effort on my end 🙂

Managed to clear some blogging backlog yesterday evening / this morning and took some time out from office work to log in one more entry for my financial blog before I start to update this ……

My intention was to end off the work week (friday) with some motivating and inspirational MDRT power phrases that help to keep me going and motivated ahead …… For the record, MDRT power phrases are motivational quotes submitted by actual MDRT members, thus not so much of those quotable quotes websites/books. Here are some of my favourites :

Ours is a business to help people do what does not come naturally.

It’s how you handle yourself on your bad days that will determine your success in this business.

Buying life insurance is like going to the dentist: No one really looks forward to it, but they feel great after they’ve done it.

If you get injured, there are four sources of income for your family — relatives, friends, charity and insurance. Which do you prefer?

You can get anything you want in life if you help others get what they want.

Help your prospects realize they are planting shade trees under which they may never sit.

Success comes not from being best, but by doing your best.

Trust and respect cannot be learned, purchased or acquired. They can only be earned.

Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words. Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions.

When life or disability insurance is actually needed, it cannot be purchased at any price.

When you are in a review with clients and prospects, don’t forget Human Life Value. It works.

Be different (Positively). You know who’s different. People remember those who are different. That’s exactly what we want to be in delivering our presentation: different.

If your bills don’t go away when you have a cold, they won’t go away if you have a stroke.

Individuals need to be educated on insurance, not sold insurance.

I ask every prospect, “Do you have a written investment policy?”


Don’t know why office air-con is brrrr cold …… and feeling grogy and sleepy from the flu meds …… maybe I will end my Friday early instead, pack up and walk over to Raffles City for some food and collect my sundown race pack!! That’s all for now ……


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