Find Your True Colour

Taking some precious time out from office work to post this up! (Note to self: meant to do it yesterday evening but as usual, got distracted by other stuff :P) ……….

I have tweeted about this really cool video one or two days ago but I thought I should post it here ag0 as it is really that cool (and that good) to deserve an exclusive entry ……

I particularly love the monolouge because it is so reflective of our daily day-to-day grind ….. and combined with the kick-ass music and colourful sights of Hong Kong (one of my fav cities!) ….. and not to menion the slick movie style editing ….. which makes this video the best video (IMO) in the whole series that was commissioned by Cruiser Volka together with alivenotdead back in 2007 ……

It starts off with some atpyical city sights and ends off igeniously admist a tank of goldfish (filmed in a artistic manner of course) …… which gives the idea that although all the goldfish looks similar, each and every fish is unique in his/her own entitly …. so I guess each and every of us has our own ‘true colour’ in that literal sense ……

Some snippets of the monolouge by Terence Yin ……

How do I get here today?

Everyday … same … wake up …. starts all over …….will things be different? ….. a better day …..moving fast ……all looks the same …..

(at this point, you must be thinking, this is so typical of our everyday lives)

if you ask me now, today is how you look at it …. take the time find the beautiful colours …..find your true colours

The story behind this work can be found here and here ……

Perfect ending to a truly kick-ass video that sets me seriously thinking to want to take time off and find my true colour 🙂


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