A Quick Entry To Break The Blogger’s Block

Have been on some sort of blogger’s block despite intending since the long weekned to properly blog down my reflections and thoughts on my maiden Sundown Marathon attempt ……

The post Sundown flu (worse attack than the one I had in early May) rendered me down and out for the next 1 week ….. although having stopped the flu meds BUT still coughing ….. the cough was so bad today (Tuesday) that it killed my productivity and mood, so decided to end my day earlier than planned ….. and came home and crashed on all sorts of drama serials ……. and here am I breaking my blogging duck b4 Zzzzzz ……..

I do hope that things pick up on the work front …… half yearly business review to do …… finances & money matters to sort out ……  archiving and packing …… and more trainings/workouts in store ……

And speaking of workouts …. here’s a great link that I found on adidas running – How Fit Are You?

Sleeping early and rising early will be the name of the game this week 🙂 …… hopefully no calls at 3+ (there was some crap caller from overseas that called the house phone at 3+ yest … duh) and sudden coughing to wake me up ……..

Note To Self: Although I do have the wordpress app that allows me to blog on the go and catch up on blogging, but due to sychronisation problems i.e. there were times when I updated on my iphone but somehow the changes are not saved onto the main wordpress master, hence still had to on my laptop and firefox to blog this …. oh well ……


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