Days of My Life ……

Its a sign …… indeed it is ……..

Earlier in the day, I have tweeted, or rather I have ‘complained’ on my twitter that my intended healthy lunch of mee sua literally sucked no thanks to super stale fish that the stall-owner has the cheek to use …… It was not the usual fish soup that I was so acustomed to having from the Waterloo Street coffeeshop just behind my office …. The coffeeshop apparently underwent some renovations about 3 weeks back with some change of vendors (there goes my favourite kopi) although the more famous chicken rice, nasi bryani still remains (can’t remember if the indian rojak stall is still there) ……

So I finally paid it a visit for my late lunch today (wanted something quick and healthy) …… and so, ended up having fish soup where I only had 1/2 a slice of fish (should have 5-6 slices remaining), some msg laden soup – or technically speaking, I had sliced fish mee sua without the sliced fish just because someone had the cheek to sell unfresh fish …… the previous owners had a bit of attitude yes, and progressively raised their prices but at least they used good quality fish, vegetables and seafood, and cooked the soup properly (although their tom yum version is not so good) …… just wonder where they have gone to as a result of this revamp/renovation exercise ……

Anyway afte making such a fuss, the thing is that we will be moving office come end june so does it matter ….. that is why all the more it is a sign as all the better vendors are now gone from the coffeeshop concerned as majority of us will be moving out of BOC come end June …. that is life for you …. leaving and moving on ……

But thank god, this saved my day …….

My early dinner (6+pm) at Central Restaurant/Cafe, Selegie Centre …… there was a promo for HK style wonton mee so decided that this will be the dinner that will salvage my sucky lunch …… it is not too much, wontons are crunchy, noodles Q enough and soup is not too bad but still quite different from the real thing that I tasted back in HK ……..

The above is the bowl of Mak’s Noodles that I had in HK last year …. which you can read all about its fame here, here and here (alternatively, you can google Mak’s Noodles and a lot of results will come up ) …… but until I fly back to Hong Kong again, I guess HK cafe alternatives will have to do for now 😛

But more importantly, I felt much better (and less sucky) after a decent dinner ….. and back to office to tie off some work and some miscellenous packing before calling it a night!!

Next up ….overdue Sundown entry, reading and drama lists, iphone apps ……. talk about planned backlog 😛


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