Interesting Article On The Smartphones Phenom ….

At times …. I think with the advent of technological advancements ….. we have become more reliant on high-tech mode of communications i.e. webcam, skype, MSN, facebook, email, SMS, whatsapp …… as versus to the good old coffee/drinks/tea face to face interaction and communication ……

As I age ….. and partly as a result of occupational influence, I still personally prefer face-to-face interactions as versus to MSN/whatsapp/facebook/webcam etc. (this also partly explains why I am hardly on MSN these days) …… Sometimes, I even feel that we have somewhat become a too email-based/MSN-based/SMS-based society ….. Of course, I admit email/SMS is a useful and convenient medium to disseminate information (I personally do a email mailing list + blogsite for my financial planning practice) …. and messengers like MSN/Skype/whatsapp help to bridge distance gap (i.e. long-distance) but end of the day, it still does not beat the warmth of hearing one’s voice over the phone or the face-to-face interaction over a simple cup of coffee/tea …… No right or wrong, this is just my personal thoughts …..

Article as appended below ….. time to get ready for Spin class later …..


Thu, Jun 17, 2010


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Is your iPhone and email stopping you from meeting people?

Single, eligible, but without a potential dating prospect?

A survey of 24,000 singles worldwide, including Singapore, by dating service, It’s Just Lunch, showed that face-to-face communication is becoming something of a rarity in today’s highly wired-up society. In it, only 33 per cent of respondents spend six hours or more talking with other people in-person each day.  4 per cent spend less than two hours a day communicating face-to-face.

And interestingly, 64 per cent of survey takers have been told by their friends or colleagues that they need to get out more.

Anita Hassan, Managing Director of It’s Just Lunch Asia, said: “These results reinforce the idea that although Internet dating sites have grown in popularity, to achieve dating success, singles need to disconnect from their high tech gadgets and start meeting people face-to-face all over again. The old–fashioned way of meeting people still has currency today.”

“The only real way to know if you have chemistry with someone is to meet them face-to-face.”

But we can’t disregard the reality of email. Only 1 percent of singles in the survey said they have never used email, and 59 percent spend over an hour writing and responding to emails in a given day.

How do you make sure that you are not a slave to technology as you search for your ideal partner? Anita has these eight tips:

1.    Never ask someone out on a first date by email, instant messenger, skype or text message. A phone call is always in order.
2.    Emails relating to dating should be brief, upbeat and fun.
3.    It’s okay to correspond using email regarding your plans for a date, where you will go, time etc., but always confirm the date by phone—it’s much more personal.
4.    It’s always nice to hear from someone after a date. If you plan to see them again, a phone call and email are great follow up gestures.
5.    Never discuss your personal life by email. Remember—emails can be forwarded or read by others. .
6.    If you’ve gone out with someone and they are not returning your emails, consider that person not interested. Don’t push and understand that he/she is probably not interested. Move on.
7.    Don’t recap details about your date on email with your friends. (22% of singles send personal emails on their work email account…remember your boss can read that.)
8.    If you are not interested in seeing someone again, don’t give out your email address. Be straight forward at the end of the date and tell them there is no chemistry, but it was great meeting them.


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