Slacked My Sunday Evening Off …..

I happily tweeted on Sunday afternoon (whilst on my way to Orchard for Spin Class) that I would like to clear this stack of papers when I get home in the evening ….. to wind down my Sunday!

Above is the stack of 2008-2010 work stuff …. out of which one pile was digged out from the storeroom ….. to be re-organized according to labels/filing system ……

BUT …… I proceeded to chill (or rather slack) on my bed after my dinner, watching movies/dramas/amazing race on my laptop …. instead of doing the simple packing that I promised myself 😦 …… unfortunately the motivation to slack on my bed was higher no thanks to a pretty intensive Intervals spin earlier @ Orchard gym and no access to the living room tv (parents wanted to watch taiwan soap opera & dvd) ……

Despite the unplanned lazy Sunday evening …… on a related note, I must say this has been quite a fair bit of throwing/pruning/clearing that I have been doing for the past 1+ month or so as I was telling my sister on Saturday that I can’t believe I have thrown away so much stuff from the storeroom this time round 🙂 …… have been clearing the older stuff in my brother’s room & in the storeroom (so as to make space for some stuff to be re-organized and some stuff brought back home from office) …… not to mention the packing  & pruning in the office with regards to office moving as well ……

Now I need to get my half-year reivew exercise in order ……… and the stack of papers + work bag to be cleared as well …….  once again, tunnel vision needed for a busy and challenging week ahead!!


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