Saturday Lunch @ Victor’s Kitchen

Oops …… It looks like I’m back to the don’t feel like writing anything mode again …… esp. after crashing & sleep early on Friday night and getting distracted by chick flicks like this to do my work properly yesterday evening 😛

In times when you do not wish to say or write too much, it is always best to let pictures do the talking 😀 …… So here are some highlights of my late lunch yesterday afternoon @ Victor’s Kitchen …….

Note: The football format is in reference to the ongoing World Cup 😛

The dishes in clockwise direction are

1.  Beancurd Roll (with corn, chicken, crabstick, fish maw) which is a special of the day and traditionally offered in HK dimsum restaurants ……but I do not like this so much

2. Steamed Glutionous Rice with Chicken & Sassauge ……very delish

3. Fried Beancurd Skin with Prawn (腐皮卷) …. my favourite. We had 2 plates of it!!

4. Steamed Carrot Cake with XO Sauce ….. house speciality!!

5. King Prawn Dumpling (har kau) …. another house speciality!!

We also had cheong fun (with you tiao) and drinks (yin yang and summer ice milk tea) but no pics for that. For all the food described (7 plates + 2 drinks), it came up to only $30.30 for 2!! Very worth it as compared to some of the dim sum buffets out there considering the authencity of the food and taste (Note: The boss Victor hails from HK so it is definitely very close to real HK taste, without flying to HK!!)

And whilst waiting for HX, here is the brain stimulator drink I had at Mad Jack’s Cafe in Pomoz whilst doing my work ……. It is a combination of orange, pear,lemon and apple. Great refreshing drink for a hot and sticky day!!


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