Belated Sundown Half-Marathon Reflections + Cranking In New Shoes – Part 1

As the saying goes …… 旧的不去,新的不来 ……

I ran my maiden night race – Sundown Half Marathon on Saturday, 29 May 2010 with my trusty New Balance 1221s which was my 1st pair of proper running shoes from 2006 …… Considering that various challenges and circumstances (which I will go into below), I can honestly say that I am gald that I persisted and finished the race …… abeilt like this

Yes …. the undersides started to come off after the 12.5 km turn (as a result of wear and tear over the 3 years accumulated milege + incessant pounding on Changi Coastal Road) and it got in the way (as I was starting to increase my pace on the return lap) …… and so I suppose the best way to remove any obstacle to running fast is to tear off the top underside and continue the run to the finish line 😛 ……

And thus it is high time to retire the trusty NBs from running (although it can still function as a good gym & walking shoe) …… and also time to set a new running goal – which is to do my 1st marathon come this December! And of course, new shoes to motivate me towards my 1st full marathon …… After much procrastination & 1 month of low training post Sundown, I finally got down to doing some proper shoe shopping over the last week by checking out the Asics Shop @ Marina Square to see their range of models before firming the purchase @ Queensway on Saturday afternoon (20% discount off stated price!) ……

I got for myself the Asics GT 2150 (in purple) which offers a good balance between cushioning and stability (very important for flat footed people who tend to overpronate i.e myself) …… This may not be the higher end Kryano version but I guess it is pretty decent for a high milege trainer …… It is one of Runner’s World top recommended models so check out the reviews here and here ……

And so took it out for a short run earlier this evening …. Given it’s brand new condition, plus the stabilizer on the mid arch of the shoe (for asics shoes, there is this ‘thing’ right in the middle of the shoe) – means that it will take some time to get used to the shoe & feel more comfortable …. Thus more short runs are needed to ‘break’ the shoe ……

Due to the lack of time, will continue Part 2 in another entry 🙂

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