Tour de France Food List

Whilst watching an exciting Tour de France mountain climbing stage right now on Eurosports (Ch205) ….. someone had posted on Facebook a food list from on the types of food that a typical elite rider will be eating ……

The types of superfood listed include – Green Tea, Lead Carbs (very impt for fueling your body), Soybeans and Tofu, Salmon and Tuna (rich in Omega 3) etc …… you can click on the link for the rest of the listed foods …… High time to start working on one of my major 2010 resolutions – learn cooking!

Well, as I’m writing it …… and as the stage comes to an end soon, it doesnt seem like Andy Shleck is going to pull out 1 minute on Alberto Contador 😦

Regardless, think both are evenly matched and proved themselves to be the strongest 2 of this Tour de France …… if only Andy’s wheel didn’t come off in the 1st mountain stage …… that’s life for you I guess!

As a small consolation, for all the pacemaking done, Andy Shleck got the stage win at least 🙂 …… and somehow despite the very public rift between Contador and Lance Armstrong, the way Contador is riding this year, it has this very ‘caculative’ and tatical Lance Armstrong feel to it. They are actually more similar in approach than they would like to admit (after that both had rode for Discovery Channel at various points in time) 😛

It will be one close fight till the time trial stage ……

*edit* On a side note, the picture-uesqe scenery and sights that the riders ride through (France, Italy, Spain etc.) satisfy my travel lust for now!


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