Ending Off July …. And Going Into August ….

Had a lazy & *gasp* spin-less weekend which is definitely a departure from the norm *not good* no thanks to that ‘time of the month’ …… no cramps but very heavy flow …… and so had to cancel my planned massage as well, together with the rainy weather, was a bummer indeed ……

On the drama front though, I have finished watching Mysteries of Love 谈情说案 – the latest TVB drama starring Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung that just ended its run in Hong Kong …… Although it was a somewhat spin off of ‘Galileo’ – the Japanese drama starting Fukuyama Masaharu …… But it somehow deviates with a heavier emphasis on it’s romantic storylines & usual TVB cliches …… The 2 male leads, suave in their own ways, save the day 😛 …… I find Kenneth Ma’s acting very much improved and he actually looks good this time round (considering that he is not considered to be exactly handsome) and his acting is really much improved …… I’ll guarantee that you’ll have a different opinon of him after watching this drama …….

Also at the same time, I’ve decided to rewatch Tomato. Tomato was a pretty old Korean drama filmed back in 1999 …… in fact I would say that it is one of the first K-wave dramas to hit Singapore shores with the start of Channel U in year 2001 …… Typical Cinderella storyline, but with a trendy drama twist (this drama was also one of the pioneer Korean trendy dramas which in turn started the export wave across the world) …… There is still the ‘poor’ / struggling good girl who enventually rises against all odds, evil friend plotting schemes behind the scenes, and the prince charming who comes in to save the day 😛

I guess that’s all for now ……


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