Lousy & Forgetable Wednesday

The title of this blog does somewhat give the impression that I’m whining/bitching/complaining once again …. But the shortness of the week (thanks to National Day holiday) & time in general does make you wonder where has all that time gone ……

Well, nothing today went right, starting right from the moment I woke up grouchy & annoyed …… The signs were all there, that feeling of unease lying deep within me …… Only that I chose to ignore so as to trunge on to defy ‘fate’ & what is potentially in store ……

Experience would have told me that I should’ve stopped after 1-2 lousy/less than satisfactory calls and yet I went against my better judgement and went on to make more …… Needless to say, the more calls made the ‘worst’ it gets ……. the ‘worst’ is quite subjective in intepretation and perception but if the momentum is no good from the start, it just gets worse and worse, a bit akin to my running training, if you get what I mean ……

The fact is that all these are choices of my own doing, and the only thing I can do is to learn and be better for the experience …… As I am writing this from my iPhone whilst waiting for my dinner (again, after talking so much abt wanting to satisfy my BKT craving, I walked to Sultan Gate, only to find out they’ve sold out for the day so ended back up at Bugis Junction. See even the best laid plans get upset on a lousy and crap day like this) …… I can’t wait to get back home to chill out to my favourite drama …… and count down to the end of the day ……


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