Lessons Learnt / Experience Gained From Last Week

I’ve been pretty bad with the blogging business these days as you can see from the less & less frequent updates 😛 …. But thanks to mobile blogging from my iPhone, time for some catch up ….

Well it was again another challenging week last week, particularly Friday itself. …. It was once again one of those days when day felt awkward from the get go & once again, I really MUST MUST learn to trust my instinct ….

To borrow a quote from one of my fellow practioners who also maintains a public blog on all matters relating to insurance & financial planning .. I have come to realize there are 2 types of ‘difficult’ people that you will always meet and have:

1. People who always expects the whole world to revolve around themselves and

2. People who place unrealistic demands on their financial advisers/friends/working partners etc.

Work-wise, in the space of a week .. I have gone from 1 extreme of having to deal with self-absorbed people (who don’t realise that they are in fact being difficult & annoying to boot) .. to the other extreme of having a particular prospect/suspect who want the stars and the sky, thinking that the adviser is a ‘god’ who can conjure magic out of assumption after assumption …… actually its pretty easy to solve said person’s problem – he/she just needs to give me the relevant documents to take a look and all will be clear ……

Of course, dealing with people (difficult people) is all part of my business and everyone is unique and different in their ways …… Customer being customer sometimes have a mistaken assumption of ‘afraid to be paiseh’ hence like to ask around with no firm commitment (and yet still want solution to their problem) …… But experience tells you clearly that when $$$ matters are concerned, there is no room for assumption and presumption as it can prove to be costly ….. For example, you cannot assume that your insurance policy covers you for life just because you paid quite a lot of premium and because your insurance agent/financial adviser simply says it covers you for life when for all you know, what you bought is actually an ILP to begin with!! (Note: this is something that happens so often in the course of my work) ……

Anyway busy day today …. will continue ranting another time ……


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