Old TVB Drama: 天地豪情

Came across a repeat showing of this old drama 天地豪情 Secret of The Heart on Starhub (ch855 & 856) …. This was an old drama shown in year 1997 in HK & repeated subsequent times on tv ….

13 years on, as I rewatch it again for the nth time, it is pretty nostalgic in a way as majority of the leads – the ‘it’ actors & actresses of the 90s like Gallen Lo, Ada Choi, Sunny Chan, Felix Wong, Jessica Hsuan .. have become veterans going into year 2010 and beyond ….

There was one particular actor who really stood out as the resident villain of the drama – 张家辉 Nick Cheung …. I still remembered at that time, he was not exactly considered to be a 1st line actor aka ‘siu shang’ until this role catipulated him into stardom / major leading man territority  ……

And he would go on to be a 6-7 time ‘Best Actor’ Award winner (including the prestigious Golden Horse Awards) for his role in “The Beast Stalker” ….. What’s even more amazing, the above mentioned siu sangs and fa dans never made that type of breakthrough into films/movies ……

Of course, the grand productions that TVB produce these days rarely measure up to the older classics in the late 80s and 90s ….. I thought this particular review sums up very well the whole essence of the drama, so here’s one for the nostagia!


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