Very Thought Provoking: The Dangers of Lying To Oneself

A couple of days ago, I came across this entry while FB lurking ……

Author/blogger makes a very valid point about staying in Comfort Zone and keeping status quo – situations we see on almost a daily basis when the person will just brush it off and say ‘everything is just fine’ when it is painfully aware that there is some undercurrent/issue waiting to blow …… As versus to just keeping quiet and waiting for issue to blow over, open and honest communication (unfortunately which INCLUDES talking about and confronting issue head on) is the only way, based on experience and lessons learnt …… As much as this fits in with my frank and outright personality, of course, based on personal experience, there have been instances where some of these situations have turned awry/less than desired – that is when the other party gets uncomfortable/edgy/defensive …… But the real painful truth is that by keeping quiet and trying to blow over things, you are actually indirectly festering unhappiness and ill-feeling for all parties concerned as the real/core issue is not addressed. It is like a cancer waiting to spread from stage 1 to stage 4 (terminal). 有时真的很难做人。

Despsite the more ‘difficult’ cases/situations involved, I think I will still want to stay true to this fundamental principle – open & honest communication + reflection + action!


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