To Sum Up November ….

Attempting to catch up on some blogging on the MRT ride into town as i am painfully aware that this blog is suffering from the increasingly spordiac blogging frequency, ha! Sometimes, I find myself left wondering where did all the time go …. and did I start off too ambitiously wanting to do as much as possible, only to end up doing less than planned, hmmmm ……

I guess it all boils down to the golden term – TIME MANAGEMENT. November, as usual, majority of the time has been spent on eat, sleep, wake up, work, slack/rest/relax, training (running), tv drama after drama (new major distraction!), other minor stuff here & there etc. …. Have been suffering from a slightly erratic emotional state of mind no thanks to some slight pre-marathon training anxiety, erratic time management at times, unexpected happenings i.e. dropping/losing my mp3 player & cards on the day I strike time-of-the-month (super sucky day & week in total – note, it is the week ending 12th Nov) ……

Also, there were actually 2 public hols in Nov and to my slight regret, I have lazed them away *tsk tsk* …. where such times wld’ve been the perfect opportunity to catch up on work/meet ups/workout etc. …. What’s passed has passed, just need to learn from this and take it all in ….

Otherwise, I think I lead a pretty uneventful (and maybe even boring) life …. Decided to end it off here as the 2 subjects that I’ve intended to write on deserve entries of their own as versus to making this entry long drawn & windy!! 🙂


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