Post Marathon Recovery ..

*Edit On Sun 19 December 1300 Hrs*

Gosh! Taking a look at my blog, my last entry was actually on Nov 29. The best that I have done for the next entry is to key in the intended title via wordpress for iphone on Wed afternoon 😛

So what have I been up to??

As the title goes, and as blogged previously, one major milestone is that I have completed my 1st full marathon!! Not sure if this has been blogged about/mentioned before .. but one of the MAJOR resolutions/goals that I had going into year 2010 is to complete a full marathon by the age of 30 (which itself is another big milestone, heh!) …… While post marathon recovery has been all about minimal workout/gymming, maximum eating, slacking, tv-ing .. and some work (but not satisfied with my productivity & activity levels though) ……

Why at 30 (since there are many chances to complete a marathon given the growing popularity of running in Singapore)?? Well, you are only 30 once in your entire lifetime – thus it is a good age to acheive some major goals …… and personally for me, running a 42.195km full distance marathon under hot sweltering sun (later part of run) is a BIG THING to me personally (although it might not be to some, to each of their own I suppose) …… but rather than being a NATO (no action talk only), it is always good to experience it once – before talking/criticising loudly.

Before I digress too far into my displeasure with NATOs .. as a recap, based on my own personal experience, running a marathon is not just physical (this is controllable based on the amount of training), a lot of it is mind management (mental – which is within yourself) …… The mental aspect of it is actually the most challenging as typically most of us ‘hit the wall’ (in running terms – it means physically we come to a complete stop & start walking) around the 30km to 37km mark, and your mind starts to play tricks on you. As the run started at 5am, the 30km to 37km mark should co-incide with the hottest stretch of the morning (after 9am) – where you are physically at your worst/weakest and have to gapple with lack of water stations amidst the hottest stretch of the run (this year – the stretch from East Coast Service Road to Marina Bay Golf Course to Marina Barrage to upslope Nicoll Highway indeed fits the criterion) …… And seeing the people who gradually fell by the wayside (marina barrage, nicoll highway) due to injury, dehydration – for a while it is indeed tempting to just stop and wait for the ambulance to sweep you up ……

But Not! I hit the wall around the 31km mark (at the same time, my Garmin FR110 went flat!!) … and walked myself to the finish admist the scorching morning sun & neverending marina barrage/nicoll highway stretch (with a unwelcome upslope at 36km mark) …… And walked another 2km to pit building to collect baggage. To the organizing committee: I have to truly say ^#(@&(&@%*#^@^$^% for such a crap arrangement! ……

In the downtime (2-3 days after the run), I have reflected and analysed on what I have done & what I have NOT Done & what needs to worked/improved on (would like to keep this succint, hence no A-Z discourse and details) …….  Now that I have completed a marathon, the next phase (going into my 30s) is to work on PBs (Personal Best). As part of my 2011 resolutions, I would like to challenge myself to train properly (by following a proper training plan) to do a PB – and bring that discipline and commitment to my work/business as well (it may sound like I’m jumping gun/topic, but trust me, there is a correlation to it lah) ……

And I am happy to say that this shall be one of the many finisher t-shirts that I will add on to my collection in time to come!


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