Food Review: Keisuke Tokyo

Came across this website – Ramen Walker some time back – which actually reviews all the ramen in Singapore, thus making it an excellent resource to check out ramen 🙂 ….. Plus having developed a craving for ramen over the christmas hols (it must be those constant menu updates on Keisuke Tokyo’s Facebook page that is making me hungry :P) …… Its time for a very belated review of Keisuke Tokyo’s ramen 🙂

My maiden visit to Keisuke Tokyo (located at Parco Marina Bay – i.e. the new Parco Department Store at Millenia Walk) came about one fine Thursday evening (back in July) when I developed a strong strong craving for ramen whilst in the office …… The craving for a quality bowl of ramen was so strong that it led me to  ieatishootipost + good old trusted google to conduct a search on places with quality ramen that are not too expensive and well within the vicinity of Beach Road/Suntec/City Hall/Bugis …… And Keisuke fitted the bill – having been one of the top rated ones + brought in authentically by the Japanese + 15min walk from office to Millenia ……

Thus I finally got to satisfy my craving for a authentic style Japanese ramen!!

Upon entrance to the restaurant (note: It was not crowded on a Thursday evening) ……

You can actually see the kitchen from the seating area on the right side of the restaurant.

This item caught my attention – Crab Ramen!! Hence I ordered this as it comes in limited servings of 50 bowls (can’t remember the exact number) per day.

With reference to Ramen Walker’s review here – and upon taking my first taste of the broth and noodles, it was actually chashu ramen in crab broth. I further verified with the waitress and realised that the so-called crab taste is actually reflected in the broth that was boiled with crab for a couple of hours ….. very interesting to combine the seafood/crab aroma with the freshness of the pork ……

Upon close-up …… you will also note the thickness of the broth (which means that a lot of heart and time went into the boiling and preparation) and also the thickness & flatter version of the noodle (as versus to the thin ramen that we are accumstomed to) ….. as mentioned in Ramen Walker blog, this gives off the feeling that its more like a dry noodle …… In fact, I would liken it to be a more soupy version of our tze char Hokkien Mee!

Another highlight of the meal was the bowl used!! The posh looking bowl used is very different from most of the ramen joints as it is round, with the uneven edges as the front of the bowl is actually shallow …… This small detail does make Keisuke Tokyo stand out from the rest of its competitors. Very ingenious I must say!!

To add to the dining experience, the wall behind me has pictures of its origins in Japan ….. Too bad its website is all in Japanese 😦 …… But fret not, the Singapore branch does have a very informative and updated Facebook page that has been very effective in its marketing efforts to reach out to Singaporeans and differentiate themselves from their friendly competitors ……

Am happy to add that on that Thursday evening, I happily settled my ramen craving with a ramen that is not just oishiii ….. but also something different from the ramen that we have been mainly exposed to (shio ramen, miso, tonkotsu, hokkaido style etc.) ……

5 months down the road from my first visit in July …… I saw an update on its FB page which indicates a complete overhaul in its menu (blogged about here … Ramen Walker mentions it is probably due to intense competition from Nantsuttei which is just right next door) ….. which means that there is no longer any more crab ramen (and also the other prawn based ramen that was previously on its menu) …… Thinking aback, am so glad that I choose to try the Crab Ramen as it is no longer on the menu 🙂

Anyway the picture of the newly launched Tokyo Style Chicken Stock Ramen on its FB page looks so droollll-icious ….. so I should be going back for lunch/dinner one of these days soon 🙂


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