3 Days Left To 2010 ……

It is the time of the year when things start to wind down for another round of festives (to celebrate the new year) …… and also the time to review and reflect upon the past year – year 2010. It is also the time that I try to find time to sit down and set my new year resolutions for 2011.

My festive season/ celebrations so far ……

Tracking back slightly to the long weekend (starting from Friday – Christmas Eve to Sunday – Boxing Day) …… it has been a quiet festive season in contrast to last year as the gang has already gathered 1 week earlier (which I personally felt was too early to really feel any Christmas spirit in the air) + office party was also rescheduled to be tommorrow
(30th) instead. Was also looking forward to a Christmas theme-ed 90 min spin class as such special holiday classes are getting pretty rare these days …. And pretty disappointed that I only got as far as the waiting list. Mind you, I touched the call button on the dot
at 3pm .. and 15 min later, I only got as far as the waiting list(apparently the reception gives priority to those who quene physically and there is no way 20 bikes can be filled up within 15min) .. Major flaw in execution, not to mention the disappointment as I was really really looking forward to it ……

And so proceeded to slack the Christmas weekend away ……

Busy week so far, as it is another short work week (that is excluding Fri 31st) before 2010 comes to an end …… And trying to clear as much backlog as possible ….. On a happier note, have started the 1st run of my 16 week training plan – an easy 2.85km run on the treadmill yesterday night, but nevertheless, body is already feeling the positive effects from the endorphin 🙂


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