Posting Once A Week In 2011 Challenge

Whilst still struggling to squeeze out some time to sit down and begin writing down my goals and resolutions for year 2011 (annual exercise), at the back of my mind, I do have a few major ones that I hope to acheive ……

And one of those is to blog more regularly on this personal space of mine in year 2011!

Thanks to the guys at wordpress, somewhere around year end, I came across this entry, finally got down to reading it a couple of minutes ago (which means 5 days into the new year), and decided that this campaign will fit in very well with my above resolution. I still blog every now and then, but truth be told, the posts are getting pretty irregular and spordiac (and back-dated many a time), so this challenge came at the right time! 🙂

The challenge itself consists of 2 campaigns:

Post A Day 2011: Post something to your blog every single day through 2011

Post A Week 2011: Post something to your blog at least once a week through 2011

The weekly challenge is more do-able for me, as it shouldn’t be difficult to find something to write about on a weekly basis. To quote from the guys at wordpress again, I fully agree that daily habits are the best way to make change happen. I have learnt over the past 1 year that consistently writing and recording down things is definitely one good habit to have …… and so here I go!

And there’s even a special website for this, aptly titled The Daily Post. This site will be one of the ‘tools’ to give me regular boosts of motivation to blog weekly (as per set goal) with all the inspiration, encouragement and advice about blogging.

Should you come across this, I would strongly encourage you to set up a wordpress account and join in the blogging fun together as well! After all, sharing is a major joy in life! 🙂

This does not count as part of the challenge so a proper entry to kick off year 2011 should come in soon. Stay tuned!

(Note: The financial blog is more for work purposes so for that one, I would prefer to keep that at a weekly/fornightly frequency depending on any current news/issues that I would like to write on)


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