2nd Week Of January ……

I did mention in my last entry that I intend to blog towards the end of the week to make ‘official’ the Post A Week 2011 Challenge. Unfortunately, I did not do so …… because I was sick and down with flu over the weekend …… What a way to end the week indeed!

So starting from Friday to the weekend, was spent with meds, resting, sleeping & catching up (read:indulging) on drama serials (note: Had started on Sungkyunkwan Scandal during the New Year’s weekend) …… gym-less and workout-less but what to do? Better to rest than to get even more sick into the new week ahead (which in turn will affect my training/workouts and my work) ……

Did feel better after consistently taking the prescribed meds and with lots of resting ….. only to go into office in the afternoon and suffer from the air-con and the stale air post 6pm (where the central air-con is off) …… which made things so in-tolerable till I decided enough was enough and promptly packed up at 7-plus. Had an idea to add on a eye-mask to my daily beauty/facial regimen but didn’t find anything suitable at Tony Moly Bugis Junction …… Got myself some Ritz Apple Strudel instead at the basement instead – which is much needed comfort food after being on meds and workout-less, and considering that the rainy day is such a good opportunity to work from home (hates travelling in heavy rain) and/or rest and watch tv/drama but no such luck because needed to do submissions (of which I require scanner which I don’t have at home) …… Good problem right? And the only problem is that office air-con is often bad for sick people ….. Oh well, what to do ……

Daily mumblings aside, one thing that I wanted to blog about is on the issue of taking things for granted.  In chinese, we term this as 理所当然!  Why is it bad? Is it that I resent that fact that people take my efforts for granted at times without a show of appreciation or even thankfulness? A result of people taking the easy way out by making assumptions (rather than using their mind and heart to listen and comprehend) and staying in their comfort zone /own world …… or to put it more bluntly, a state of complacency, thinking that things will just fall into place thanks to the divine intervention of the person above …… But look here, this has nothing to do with religion …… After all the recent frustrating experiences of being taken for granted (by friends, clients etc. etc. etc. … nope not naming names here, this is not a shaming blog entry) …… I believe a fundamental reason why taking things for granted becomes a problem boils down to mindset and habit ……

Like for instance, after being down with flu over the weekend, I am guilty of taking my health for granted no thanks to getting drenched in the rain without rain (because I am too lazy to open it) .. keeping late nights (indulging in drama serials) .. eating less healthily ….. and as a result, feeling uncomfortable about zero workout and poor energy …… At times, I also choose to focus on the negative of a situation as versus to being thankful and appreciative of the other party’s efforts (and I’m sure many of you would’ve experienced situations similar as well) …..And many a time, I am also guilty on wasting away time on useless/frivolous/unproductive indulgences (only to rue the fact time is indeed precious) ……

Not meaning to complain, but to take the other side of the fence, being taken for granted from my perspective would mean people being tardy / late for their appointments, people expecting good and responsive service and only to behave like prima-donnas/suckers, people not even showing appreciation for a humble gift of a calendar …… and many many other instances which can go 10 pages and beyond …… but I digress.

Getting drowsy from the flu meds + also effectively multi-tasking with SKK Scandal on the firefox tab + also trying to get some planning done while not sleeping too late ….. I guess I shall leave you with 2 links on why we shouldn’t take things for granted. For myself, its time to start living with thankful-ness and grateful-ness and show appreciation to those who deserve a kind word.

Personal Development Roadblocks – Taking Things For Granted

Don’t Take Things For Granted


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