Tooth-Achne Ruined Monday

Have actually skipped 1 week (of the Post Once A Week Campaign) – of which I ‘blame’ the distractions of KPop and fan girl-ing, heh 😛

And since I paid $5.50 for a Expresso Frappuccino indulgence as well as some wifi time (free + reliable Wireless @ SG acess at Starbucks Singapore Land Tower), I figured it is a good time to ramble in a short entry before I pack up for my usual Tuesday workout/run …. And just nice that today’s dailypost entry is on 30 Writing Quotes To Motivate You 🙂

Before I deviate too far, back to subject matter, I just want to comment/say/complain that a sudden toothachne yesterday late afternoon in the office ruined my mood, and to the effect that it was distracting enough for me to lose my focus and to throw me off whatever I have planned out to do …… This is such a bummer way to begin a week yeah :S

However, to take a ‘the glass is half full’ aka positive mindset,  one bright spark was that had a call at 6+pm from a referred lead ….. strangely while mind was blank and distracted, my notebook was at the page where I had made notes on my intended Business Insurance project, and the referred lead had a similar enquiry!!

Hence my day did sort of turn better and I managed to ‘tooth’ the pain away with some Korean variety shows to end off the night 🙂 ….. Now time to work on the enquiry!!


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