Entry Into The ‘Rabbit’ Year ……

Time for an entry to welcome the ‘rabbit’ year …. and also the usual Chinese New Year (CNY) indulgences aka pineapple tarts, cookies, ba kwa, yu sheng etc. …… And of course an entry a week to keep up with the post a week challenge 🙂

The countdown to CNY post christmas feels short this year (last year’s CNY was closer to mid Feb), but on the other hand, having a earlier CNY means figuratively that there is still a full 11 months left to the year (in a western calendar sense) …… And I have already seen on Facebook some peeps stating that it is still not too late to make new year resolutions – or rather a 2nd chance to make things happen for 2011 *lol* …… Personally it has been a pretty un-festive CNY, aside from reunion dinner, and random spots of visiting on the 1st day, and having relatives (paternal) over on the 2nd day …… Plus with the 3rd and 4th day going into the weekend (Sat & Sun) – it sure feels like an extended weekend! Woo!

An extended weekend where you could sleep without worrying abt the alarm clock, where there are no planned schedules (unlike that of a work week or even weekend planned with activities), where you can indulge in festive goodies and feel guilty later 😛 , and also to catch up on TV (free channels on starhub till the 7th) and dramas online …… More of a mini break for me I guess before going back to work with a renewed sense of purpose …… And of course a pile of work awaits me as I have already a couple of claims to handle + new business activities for the coming week to compensate for the short new year week ……  And of all things, my ‘time-of-the-month’ has decided to make its visit around this time, good because it is easier dealing with the cramps without having to work, bad because it sucks the energy out of you ……

Having been exercise-less for the entire week (the only week where I can give myself a legitimate excuse not to do workouts, but will try my best to fit in one tommorrow) ….. I still have the Big Bang Documentary to watch as well (more on that later) ….. And I only have 1+ day left to my mini CNY break …… Time passes so fast!

Here’s a picture to add some ‘colour’ to the CNY festives! Happy 兔 year everyone!

(P/S: It is actually ‘fake’ apple tree. Apparently, the apples are ‘pasted’ on the plant itself. Looks real right!)


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