I Seriously Need To ……

1. Sleep Early!!

2. Get Into The Habit Of Packing My Bag The Night Before!!

3. Kickstart My Workouts Again After 1 Week Of Festive Inactivity.

4. Be More Consistent In Doing My Records (Personal Expenses, Business Activities etc.)

On the waking up part, it sure doesnt feel that good waking up on only 5+ hours of sleep, abeilt in a slightly dazed and confused state – just like today. And ended up reaching client’s place in a slightly dazed mode. Not good for 1st impressions 😦

And how is it correlated to packing my bag the night before? Very much related as having everything ready the night before equates to not having to waste time in the morning to pack last minute, as well as not to have any opportunity to be indecisive (A classic example is spending 1/2 hour deciding to pack gym bag to go gym or not, haha) ……

And right now, I’m lying on my bed as I’m blogging this – my ‘mini reward’ after a long and productive day 😛 …. Yes, using the laptop on bed is another bad habit 😛

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