Weekly Sunday Entry

Sundays always seem the best day to blog as I find myself having more time to sit down, slowly consolidate my thoughts before blogging proper ……

And today is no exception ….. in addition, I turned off my iphone alarm this morning (after waking up at 730am to charge the phone), and the expected result is …… I slept in again! (Thus missing up on a planned morning/noon gym session before lunch and window shopping in town as I have meant to check out the new Orchard gym since it was opened bakc in late Jan) ……

And the usual Sunday routine will continue with some brunch/lunch and some lazing in front of the TV channel surfing (with usually nothing much to watch) and going online …… Followed by my usual Sunday spin class (which I have not been going for since CNY no thanks to laziness & not being able to book my bike – like last Sat for instance) …… and which I decided not to go later as well (because C is not teaching + it is a fat burn i.e. endurance class today which I feel not really worth the 1hr travelling time given that C is not teaching today) ……

So I’m leisurely blogging now and catching up on Dream High (a new drama that I started to watch this week) at the same time …… and hopefully after this, pick up on some work which I was ‘supposed’ to do but whiled away my Saturday afternoon on Dream High & youtube, and at the same time, trying to power nap unsucessfully (just couldn’t get myself to nap 1 hour) …… so lazy & leisurely Sunday no more 😛

As self-noted on my twitter, I really should’ve booked my bike for either yesterday afternoon’s spin class (Intervals) or this morning’s class (Hill Ride) …… and thus would be more able to enjoy my Sunday in a more leisurely manner …… In case you are wondering what’s the big deal about booking a bike for a spin/indoor cycling class, it is precisely that by booking the day before, the day’s schedule has a rough plan to it, and generally I like going through a day (be it work or personal time) with a sense of knowing what I am going to do – as versus to being a headless chicken ……

As I go through my tweets further, earlier in the week, I was pretty unhappy/pissed over some work issues …… and at the same time my iPhone OS decided to black out on me as well (which is why I stated that even the Phone is in agrement to my state of mind as well, it can’t be that co-incident right) …… Its not that big a problem making a trip down to M1’s iPhone service centre @ Plaza Singapura for a replacement as it was only a 2 hour journey to and fro (including a quick lunch at Burger King & waiting time at M1) …… but my main beef is that being under pressure does not give you the right to be flustered and tactless with your words (resulting in the side product of being hurtful) ……

Having read Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends And Influence People”, one important point that I’ve noted and striving to practice in everyday life is that positive encouragement always gets people moving rather than lashing out/being harsh/being hurtful – which provokes unhappiness and silent rebellion rather than inspiring people to do something for themselves …… But why is it that people allow their frustration and external pressures to get better of them in their anxiety to see quick results? I would think taking some time out to reflect and work on what needs to be improved on/done better would make more sense rather than acting so highly strung!

Which is why it takes tremendous effort for one to keep their focus and remain calm and composed, and act with grace and dignity in high pressure moments and I genuinely salute them for doing so!

And yes, I silently rebelled by refusing to go office on Thursday as my heart tells me this  ‘break’ is necessary to prevent myself from getting more pissed/unhappy about the situation …… although I did have the opportunity to put in a really sacarstic word, but really what’s the point when some people are so caught up in their own world/own problems/own pressures and not being able to take a step back to see the bigger picture of things. Futhermore, experience (as a teacher) tells me that lashing out at someone without a doubt does satisfy personal ego, but other than that, it does not contribute anything to solve the underlying root problem, so seriously why bother ……

So as tweeted, I got to enjoy a leisurely mini hotpot lunch on Thursday ($5 hotpot at Feast foodcourt in Jurong Point,very value for money) and got down to taking my IC photos to re-register my IC (overdue for a couple of months now) …… Speaking of which I got to go and complete the registration online now (couldn’t finish it on Thurs as I had to re-compress the IC files, damn annoying) ……


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