Paul Coelho & Dream High

I don’t usually read fiction books …… much less Paul Coelho’s most known work ‘The Alchemist’. However yesterday evening (Sunday), I came across a blog posting of his on one of my friend’s Facebook wall titled “Past and Present“.

The simple yet powerful message is a mark of how good a writer Paul Coelho is …… but 0f course the most important message remains that if we do not come to terms and make our peace with the past, there is no way we can treasure the present and look towards the future.  And also a very important point – Enthusiasum! Trust me, it can be very challenging/discouraging when having to deal with mean people, or rather to put it more aptly – difficult people …… a very common occurence in my work day in day out. And the irony of it all is that I actually have such a situation placed onto me today. Talk about irony!

While thinking about it and deciding what to do, I guess the best way to move ahead is to sleep on it and hopefully ‘see the light’ going foward (I think I roughly have some answers to the problem) ….. in the meantime, feel free to check out Paul Coelho’s blog as well 🙂


On a unrelated note, as blogged on Sunday, I’m currently watching Dream High (KBS Mon-Tue drama currently ‘live’ in Korea) …… and blogging while catching up on Episode 6 online as well.

Some preliminary thoughts in the meantime (before I get down to doing a full-fledged review) …..

* I was actually looking for a new drama to watch/chase after finishing up Sungkyunkwan Scandal but none of the newly debuted 2011 dramas really interested me (not even My Princess) until I came across Episode 1 on KBS World (as in my past tweets) …… and yes, interesting enough to continue further.

* Dream High is probably less talked about and hyped as compared to some of the current dramas like Secret Garden and My Princess starring major Hallyu names as it consists of mainly a pop idol cast.

* Still pretty solid cast of supporting actors with cameos from Bae Yong Jun & Mr JYP himself. Time files. Bae Yong Jun is now an ahjusshi.

* Frankly I won’t say you’ll get the wittiest lines or the best acting from the lead cast (the young idols) but without a doubt, it is a very charming drama.

* Pretty simple plotline of young hopefuls gathering in a arts high school (or rather a school that specifically trains the stars of tommorrow i.e. a reference to the current trainee system in Korean entertainment) …… but what I like about the drama is the innocence of these young hopefuls going and reaching for their dreams. As we are grinding in and out of the rat race day in day out, we tend to lose sight of our dreams, innocence and idealism, as compared to when we were younger.

That’s all for now I guess …. Need to finish up Ep 6 and sleep soon 🙂


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