The Next Few Months Ahead ….

It’s my once a week entry …. as usual on a Sunday. Only difference is I’m writing this via my iPhone due to my ‘inability’ to get it done on my laptop (thanks to sleepiness, tiredness, and wordpress being down online) …..

Had a rough work week no thanks to some people who simply don’t respect people’s time (and of course kalang kabo as they throng into 1 thing without sufficient planning) ……

And the ‘time of the month’ together with the accompanying cramps/stomach churning didn’t help things either where work & gymming/running was concerned as well as energy level was very low 😦 …… A testimony to my low energy – 2 naps that turned into long sleep throughout the night …… On thurs evening, I ‘napped’ while leaving my laptop on all night while yesterday (Saturday) was my earliest bedtime at 9pm where I simply crashed on my bed after dinner (legs & body were feeling the after effects of my 1st spin class in a month) ……

And to top it off – I lost my mp3 player again for the 2nd time in 5 months (I swear that I really didn’t hear it drop on the ground) …… Using a old IPod Shuffle for the time being while I shop for a replacement (Maybe this time no more Creative) ……

Despite a pretty tough week (physically & mentally), but still there is still lots to look forward to in the next couple of months, in the following order …..

1. Signed up for 2 runs – 2XU (April) & Sundown (my 2nd full marathon at the end of May) …… Feeling a bit undertrained though 😛

2. Going for 2 concerts – OMY E Awards on 1st April & Jacky Cheung in August. I finally get to see Jacky Cheung live!!

3. Have joined in a focus/study group w.e.f 1st March – Sales Builder. To describe in a nutshell, it is basically a focus group concept from GAMA which aims to bring people to a higher level of productivity via a very structured approach (and which includes weekly tracking and reporting). Next week will be 2nd week into the program. I personally feel a organized and structured approach is what I really need after years of floating around and inconsistency.

4.  Singapore Restaurant Week! We are checking out Michealangelo’s on 22nd March @ a special promotional rate!!

5.  Group/Branch Retreat this July (early July)! More importantly Sales Builder + uplift to give myself a push to qualify FOC for this 🙂

6.  To add on to above, I hope to make July a travel month. Fingers crossed that I can do another trip – where I can do sight-seeing, shopping, photography, relax & chill out all-in-one! Work hard towards it!!

And of course apart from the activities stated above, at the time of writing, there is only 3+ months left to work towards the end of banding year and towards my production and business goals. Will be busy days ahead!


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