Friday Night Chill Out …..

Overdue picture post! 😛

Have been busy youtube surfing, hence a bit lazy to go into wordy entries (have 2 topics in mind) …… Pictures tell a story as well, keke

Busy busy work week that ended with some nice chill out over wine yesterday (Friday) evening. (But of course still gotta catch up on un-finished work & admin over the weekend) ……

Checked out Wine Connection @ Robertson Quay (I believe the Robertson Quay branch is the only one that has a Deli & Bristo concept i.e. serving food).

Here’s my dinner (Main Course) – Shell Pasta with Lamb Shank & Spinach with Tomato Sauce (can’t remember the exact name)

Find the pasta average only …… M said her cream-based Salmon pasta was too salty as well ……

Of course, we are at Wine Connection for the highlight of the evening

Due to the $10 surcharge for weekends (Friday to Sunday) for bottles ordered that are below $40, we decided it makes a lot more sense to go for a ‘higher budget’ wine i.e. a better quality wine that is more than $40 per bottle. Upon the waiter’s recommendation, we elected to check out this Italian Red Wine that ranges between mild to medium taste (as versus to the NZ one that is more on the mild side) given our heavy dinner (Pasta) ……

Some background information on Biscardo as extracted from Wine Connection’s website here …… I felt this was something different, as majority of the red wines that I have tasted are mainly Australian and French (Bordeaux) wines, with the exception of a Californian red wine that I had in Phuket (which ranges on the heavier taste side). The wine was so good (5 glasses for each, so that equates to 5 x 2 = 1o glasses for 1 bottle, its really a steal at$45+ ) that we drank it till the last drop as below 😛

(Note: I lomo-fied some of my pictures using the Lomo Lomo app on my iPhone to give it a more ‘rustic’ effect, hehe)

Before I forget, another highlight was the lava chocolate cake …… Don’t let the picture deceive you, the portion of the cake is much bigger and definitely enough for 2 …… And not too ‘chocolate-ty’ as well ……

We were seated at the ‘al fresco’ extension of the bar …… technically it doesn’t exactly qualify as ‘al fresco’ as it is more of tables placed along the corridor (which is right beside the lane/road) …… Hopefully in my next visit, we can get a nicer seat indoors or at the bar ……

To sum it up, I would certainly come back here again (with friends) for more wine and dine + chill out – which is an excellent way to wind down the official work week & welcome the weekend 🙂 …… In fact, I also have a new idea to host wine tasting events here as part of our client appreciation events!!


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