Thursday Thoughts ….

It feels like a damn long time since I’ve blogged (although my last entry was on Sat/Sun), so I thought some much needed blogging/writing (whilst on the long MRT journey home) will be the antidote to a boring and somewhat ‘sucky’ Thursday at work (ended off my Thursday with a couple of ‘unsuccessful’ phone calls) …….

To recap, remembered that last Thursday (10th March), I also worked late in office …… only difference compared to today is that I managed to work all the way to almost 10pm (as tweeted) without any post lunch snacking as compared to today where I am already feeling tired (around 8-plus) ……

Thinking about it ….. the difference could be diet …… Last thursday, I actually had a healthy Yong Tau Foo lunch from the foodcourt downstairs office (Gateway East)

Whereas I decided to head over to The Plaza’s basement to satisfy my wanton mee craving earlier in the afternoon, as shown below ……

To quickly conclude, I think having a good healthy lunch (i.e. yong tau foo) DOES make a difference to one’s energy levels ….. Similarly my CNY diet has also affected the quality of my training/running post CNY (as versus to more balanced diet of having more vegetables and subways pre-CNY) ……

But nevermind, got some ‘Hei’ ice-cream from Awfully Chocolate after dinner @ Raffles City to chase away the blues, hehe

For $3.80 …. it is really a reasonably large scoop (as compared to some of the more premium ice-cream parlours out there) …… More importantly, it has the real chocolate taste in it without being overly sweet or creamy. Hence one of my favourite comfort food to have esp. after a sucky/so-so day 🙂


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