Reading & Re-Reading Books

Reading is a habit that I consistently try to do, although the bulk of my reading is usually work-related (majority of it being finance-related and motivational books), and mainly magazines (my weekly dose of U-Weekly + ocasionally flipping through Shape Magazine).

Last week, or the week before (seriously can’t remember), during a random conversation in office, my colleague R (who is currently leading / facilitating the weekly focus group) pulled out this book from the ‘library’ (i.e. the shelving on on the curved wall that has a collection of books) ……

Looking back, the above book was the very 1st sales/motivational book that I picked up when I first started off my financial planning career. The ex-colleague who introduced me to this book highly recommended me this book as he believed the concepts presented are simple, easy to read and easy to apply in real life context. The most amazing thing about this book is that the author – Frank Bettger, was actually a life insurance salesman back in the early 1900s to 1920s, and yet the principles are still very applicable in today’s context considering the technological advancements we have made and social media shaping the way we are communicating.

And a couple of years later, very apt to pick this up and re-read again (while looking for a new title to read). This will further motivate me to adopt a “back to basics” approach and re-fresh the basic concepts/principles (to tie in with Sales Builder Focus Group).

As a side-note, more information on Frank Bettger that I’ve googled on the internet:


Official Website

A Summary Of His Basic Sales Principles


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